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The following is a guide to the legal services
available at our office.

We handle a wide range of issues
from personal to corporate
At Maejima Law Firm, we offer a wide range of legal services from personal legal advice such as inheritance, divorce, traffic accidents, and debt problems to corporate legal advice such as contracts, debt collection, labor issues, real estate, bankruptcy/rehabilitation, advisory contracts, and more. With smiles, kindness, and speed as our motto, our team of 5 attorneys is ready to serve you.
Personal legal advice
Corporate legal advice こちら
Divorce and gender issues
For those who are struggling with divorce or gender problems,
our attorneys will support you with a wide range of legal services
Inheritance and wills
If you or a family member has
an inheritance problem, we'll try to resolve it in the best possible way.
Traffic accidents
There are many cases where compensation has been increased.
Feel free to talk with us first.
Debt problems
We can help you solve your debt problems and get a fresh start.
If you take the right steps, we'll solve it for you.
Criminal matters
If you are in trouble because your family member or friend has been arrested, please contact Maejima Law Firm with our forte in criminal cases.
Real estate
Trouble with real estate is
one of the problems that many people experience.
Corporate legal advice
Personal legal advice こちら
We support our clients in preventing problems before they happen,
as well as in negotiations and solutions with the other party.
If you are considering an M&A,
make sure to consult with an attorney who is an expert in the field.
Legal advisors
For small and medium-sized companies, it is highly recommended to have an advisory contract with a lawyer. Our community-oriented lawyers will support you with your business.
Debt collection
Collecting debt is one of the problems that will give you headaches, so we support you in problems like this such as delayed payment.
Labor issues
For owners, labor issues are very important issues that have a significant impact on running the business.
If you find yourself in a cash flow or business crisis,
please contact us before you fall into a point of no return
Please feel free to contact us
Don't take it all on yourself
contact us first.Appointments for consultation are available at any time.
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