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Would you like to work for a law firm that aims to be community oriented?
Maejima Law Firm aims to be a community-oriented firm. We welcome those who are willing and able to get involved in even small cases and those who want to work together with us to make the firm great.
Message from the CEO
Join us in bettering the firm in a work environment
full of opportunities for growth and challenge.
I think it is important to have a balance between 'my POV' and 'other's POV' in any kind of work. If you either have to do things on your own terms or are too dependent on others for direction, you will not be able to produce good results.
I would like to work with people who have a broad perspective and a sense of balance and can exercise their own autonomy while paying attention to the firm and the people they work with.
At our firm, which places great value on teamwork, we all play an important role, and there are opportunities for everyone to play an active role. We look forward to hearing from you if you are willing to devote yourself to your work with sincerity and dedication for our clients
CEO Maejima's profile
Work style
We respect flexible work styles and offer an environment
where everyone can play an active role.
You are free to manage your time
according to your schedule.
When it comes to scheduling and taking time off, you can make adjustments in a relatively flexible manner.
We have a supportive work environment
with an emphasis on teamwork.
At our firm, we place importance on the ability to work as a team with respect to the office, rather than having each individual deal with clients individually. We have an environment where we can support each other when we are unsure of something.
We offer a full range of employee
benefit programs that will motivate you to work.
We are a member of HeartPia, a service run by Atsugi City that offers a full range of employee benefits. A wide range of services are available, ranging from health to self improvement.
Full support for leisure activities with friends and family,
including subsidized use of recreational facilities
Discounts are available on recreational facilities along with annual discounts on leisure facilities and more. We also offer a full range of support outside of work.
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Staff recruitment
Attorney/apprentice recruitment
We are not hiring attorneys or trainees at this time.
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